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Credit Repair Service
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If so, you've come to the right place. We know how challenging it is to resolve today's credit issues, therefore our goal is to ensure satisfaction of every client by being superior in the field of credit repair. Easy Solutions has a proven track record, with a strong portfolio of satisfied clients, and was voted Best Credit Repair Services in Brownsville and McAllen, Texas. Become our next success story. Sign up today!

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Why Choose Easy Solutions for Credit Repair?

  • Free Consultation / No Obligation
  • Low Monthly Payment
  • Great Long-Term Results
  • See Improvements Every 45 Days
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • No Long-term Contracts / Cancel At Anytime
  • Online Portal / Monitor Your Case 24/7

Easy Solutions Credentials

At Easy Solutions, we take pride in constantly enhancing our tools, resources, and focusing on further education. We believe this is an important part of our company's professional development, and it demonstrates that we're knowledgeable about the complex concepts and provisions of numerous consumer laws.

  • Award Winning Credit Repair Services
  • Assisted Thousands of Clients
  • Credit Repair Specialists
  • Certified Credit Counselors
  • Certified Debt Specialists
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Certified
  • Network of Paralegals & Attorneys
  • Lending & Real Estate Background
  • Registered, Licensed, Insured, & Bonded

What can Easy Solutions help you with?

We've successfully assisted thousands of clients, deleted thousands of questionable/erroneous items, and resolved millions of inaccurate debt on credit reports.


  • Collections
  • Charge Offs
  • Late Payments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Inquiries
  • Personal Information
  • And more!

The Importance of Having Good Credit

Having good credit is more important than ever. It can save you thousands of dollars on interest, avoid public humiliations, and can help you obtain the following:

  • Home Mortgage
  • Vehicle Financing
  • Employment
  • Apartment Rental
  • Set-up Utilities
  • Personal and Business Loans
  • And much more!

What is Credit Repair?

Credit Repair is the process of properly identifying and investigating questionable/inaccurate items with credit bureaus and creditors; and successfully correcting the information on the credit report.

When questionable/inaccurate items are investigated and they cannot prove the accuracy, timelines, and verifiability of the data, they are severely infracting the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The following are 3 basic principles of the FCRA

"25% of credit reports contain serious errors that could result in the denial of credit, and 79% of credit reports contained errors" by U.S Public Interest Research Group.

  • Items reported within the legal time frame,
    7, 10, and 15 years.
  • Be reporting 100% Accurate Information
  • Be reporting 100% Verifiable Information

At Easy Solutions, we're certified with "The Fair Credit Reporting Act", and by utilizing this law in conjunction with other consumer laws, we're able to successfully remove questionable/inaccurate items on credit reports.

* Our Credit Repair Program is fully compliant under the Federal Trade Commission and the Credit Repair Organization Act.

Wanting to maximize results with our credit repair service? maybe build credit? or simply looking for a credit card? You came to the right place! Easy Solutions can help you apply for a credit card online. We've made it easy and fast! Simply review the credit card offers below, click the one that interests you, review the terms and conditions, and apply!

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Credit Cards to Build Credit

Didn't find the product you were looking for?
Let us know, we have access to a wide range of Easy Solutions in the financial industry. We can help!

Let Easy Solutions assist you with America’s fastest growing crime - Identity Theft. We know how critical and challenging recovering from Identity Theft can be, so if you are a victim, we encourage you to contact us.

Easy Solutions Can Help You With The Following:

  • Evaluate Your Finances & Credit
  • Create an In-Depth ID Theft Affidavit
  • Assistance with Filing a Police Report
  • Assistance with the IRS
  • Inform the Social Security Administration
  • Notify Credit Bureaus & Creditors
  • Create a Fraudulent Alert or Credit Freeze
  • Monitor Your Case Progress Online 24/7
  • And more!

*Source: United States Federal Trade Commission, (17 U.S.C. 403).

*Easy Solutions is not endorsed or affiliated with the F.T.C. The material used is solely for educational purpose.

Fair Debt Collection Practice Act
Knowledge is power
Telephone Consumer Protection Act
You’re not alone

Are You Tired of Creditors Harassing You? Did You Know
That You Have Legal Rights?

Knowledge is power against creditors. There are numerous of laws that protect us against creditors and collection practices. It’s time to get educated, it’s time to end collection harassment calls.

Presently, there’s more and more consumer struggling to pay off their debt, some collection agencies are opting for unfair means to collect payments from debt-ridden consumers ignoring the debt collection laws. However, to stop such malpractices and help debtors combat such illegal collection agency harassment, the FTC has come forward with the FDCPA, which gives debtors legal rights to sue those debt collectors who illegally threaten, intimidate or harass them.

The following are examples of the most common types of harassment techniques used by collectors. If you've experienced this and would like to learn more, please submit your information.

  • Collectors Fail To Properly Disclose Their Information
    Every time a debt collector calls you they need to tell you the name of the company they are calling from and that they are collecting a debt.
  • Excessive Phone Calls
    Receiving more than 2 calls per day from the same debt collection company for at least 7 consecutive days. Or if a debt collection company has called you a lot (like more than 5 times) in just one day.
  • Debt Collection Phone Calls Or Visits At Work
    Debt collectors cannot continue to call you at work after being informed to stop. If they call you again at work, the call violates your rights under the FDCPA.
  • Third Party Disclosure
    Collectors cannot call a third party (family, friends, neighbor, etc.) to obtain locator information, or to make any reference that you owe them money.

Samples of Voicemail Violations

*This page is meant to be used as a non-legalistic approach to helping you understand your rights and how best to protect those rights.

*Easy Solutions is not a law firm.

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